Hazelnut Candy Font


Hazelnut Candy Font is a cute playful puffy display font that sweetly exudes joy. It will be great for bakery, brand logo, business card, cooking class, header, kids fashion, screen print, shop selling sweet things, and other things related to the adorable look.

Hazelnut Candy Font is a playful display font with a unique shape, created by CalligraphyFonts. This font has cute rounded letter shapes inspired by hazelnuts and other sweet things so it’s fun and perfect for any creative project, such as billboard, brand logo, brochure, business card, cover, header, invitation, label, packaging design, poster, quotes, screen print, stationery, sticker, website, and many more.

You’ll get:

  • OTF
  • TTF
  • Woff
  • Help File

Hazelnut Candy Font is an adorable child type font and a great choice for use as main text or paired with other font types. It’s great for any industry, including: accessories, advertisement, author, bakery, children’s events or parties, candy shop, chocolate product, cooking class, education, handicraft, interior design, kids fashion, kindergarten, library, photography, printing, publishing, restaurant, toy store, etc.

Hazelnut Candy Font comes with a full set of Uppercase and Lowercase Basic Characters, Number, a large range of Punctuation and Symbol. It also comes with ligature and alternate characters which enhance the font. In order to use alternative characters, usually we just need to block the end letters and select alternative letters on glyphs option. It is supported with multilingual characters and ready to use both on Windows machine or Mac with simple installations. It’s tested to work well in the Adobe Apps (Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop) CorelDraw, and others. PUA Encode Characters means you can access all the characters easily – Fully accessible without additional design software.

Test the Hazelnut Candy Font by Typing your own text below :


the quick brown jumps over the lazy dog